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I don't Tag.

02/28/2013 21:19
Remember, under any circumstances, I will not list any names in articles I post without consent of that person.

3 Year mark

02/28/2013 21:17
This website has been up and running for 3 years so far. Congradulations to the website.


06/18/2012 21:57
Hello Viewers! Welcome to This website talks about me and what goes on in my life. Not like what goes on in facebook like "Going to the store" anyways lets stop that train of thought it gives me a head ache. *cough cough* join google+ *cough cough*. I will talk about...


06/18/2012 17:59
Amount Complete: Website Frame                   =1/1        -100% Blog                                     =3/4      ...

End of middle school

06/18/2012 17:37
Oh boy, this will be a hard year to surpass from last year. It will not be easy. But it is worth it.


06/18/2012 15:21
If you are wondering what Steam is, it is not the gas that comes out of pipes. To show it is not gas, that type of steam is not a proper noun. What I mean by that is Steam is a game filled with games. steam is the stuff that is in pipes. How to I know? Like I said, it is lowercased (simplified)....

Google Plus

06/18/2012 15:14
Yes I do NOT use FaceBook. It is a terrible website with incessant drama. I hate this drama. It is irritating me. So I use Google+. I never used FB in the first place. My family told me the drama on there, to prove it, they showed me. That is not at all what is wrong with FB, it also has futile...

The Most important event every year!

06/08/2011 20:56

JULY 2011

06/08/2011 20:54
Soon 4th of July will come! I hope you will have Fireworks and Parties!!! RED WHITEBLUE


06/08/2011 20:51
Remember! A Pole will be brought up frequently like Question Of The Days, so please come back daily to answer the poll! We would really appreciate it!
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