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Q- "Did you work really hard on this website?"

A-Yes I did, it was a lot of productivity put into it.


Q-"How long did it take for you to make this?

A-One Year


Q-"Do you take pride in your work?"

A-Yes I do. I cherish my work deeply. Work that has a lot of productivity and creativity must be well treated.


Q-"What made you want to make this website?"

A-There are many reasons why. But I'll give you two. The first reason is on the History Page. For the other reason, I will just sum up the entire history: I made this because I wanted to be almost as greatful as other website makers. It is not easy being special or greatful. It takes alot of work. When my friend (not a friend now) made one, I was indeed jealous of him. So my other friend told me how to make one. I started to make one from scratch in the middle of 2011, Look at it now in the middle of 2012. Looks completely better.


Q-"What did you want you first website to be about?"

A-I always wanted it to be about video games. But, I changed it to be about me and things I know.