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06/18/2012 15:21

If you are wondering what Steam is, it is not the gas that comes out of pipes. To show it is not gas, that type of steam is not a proper noun. What I mean by that is Steam is a game filled with games. steam is the stuff that is in pipes. How to I know? Like I said, it is lowercased (simplified). Anyways, Steam has over 500 games and a lot of things to do on it. You can Chat, play games, go online, Thats just a few things. There are many things to do. I play Steam a lot so if you add me I will be most likely on. My profile name is [F0B] Bobby M.     The 0 in [F0B] is a ZERO not an O. Peopl get that wrong all of the time. But, for some odd reason, that doesn't work. So type this in to add me:                oneinforninejr                 This is my account name. This WILL work. 100% for of it too. The only games I play on Steam are Unreal Tournament 3, and Team Fortress 2.