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History of the website


    This website has been running for almost 2 years. We strongly appreciate if you were coming to view on the website. 


        "I've spent a lot of time making this. The first time I thought about making a website was in the end of 6th grade. One of my old friends made a website. I am not his friend anymore. But when he made a website, I was covetous! I wanted to make one. I asked my friend who helped him and he told me to go on webnode. I went on it and started this website. I hope some day in the future it will grow strong like the other websites"    ~Bobby Moore


        So there you have it. bobbyisawesome has news, blog, and more to come! Come check out our team. The Monitor and Console is one of my friends from outside of school. He isn't the friend who showed me webnode. He helped me make me website. So I made him the monitor and console of the website. What that means is that he checks for bad comments or anything that is a revulsion to the website.


      "I think this website deserves some treatment due to the amount of productivity put into it. bobbyisawesome will have a lot more. This website is updated frequently so be sure to check this website out from time to time. I would say it is updated every few hours or so. Have fun and enjoy the work put into the website.We also are thinking about making a chatroom for people. If it is good to go, it will be introduced to viewers on June 20th."     ~Monitor and Console